Tree Slideshow Wallpaper for Fedora

This is a slideshow wallpaper I designed for Fedora 8. The sky in the background will change over the day. NOTE: This only works on Fedora 8.

tree slideshow wallpaper preview

tree slideshow wallpaper preview (night)


Normal version: tree.tar.gz (4.8 MB)
Widescreen version: tree_wide.tar.gz (3.9 MB)


  • 22 Apr 2008: the left and right edge now meet properly when displaying two copies of the wallpapers side by side (e.g. on a desktop cube)


Simply extract the archive file to /usr/share/backgrounds.

The tree was created using the very cool Tree Brushes by ~getfirefox.

Didn't work

The infinity type background didnt work. I am using released version of fedora 8.

What's the problem exactly?

What's the problem exactly? Is any wallpaper shown at all if you select it?

I haven't heard about any problems until now...

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